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Enterprise Scalable


Bring extra power to your investment in online collaboration

If you have very specific demands and needs for collaboration online, then upgrading to Kahootz Enterprise Edition will give you all the additional features and support you require.

You’ll get a named account manager who’ll be there to help you get the best out of your software. You’ll also enjoy a package that includes training, seminars, a telephone helpdesk, plus deeper site administration access that enables you to make Kahootz fit in seamlessly with your brand and your existing IT systems.

You can learn more about the additional features you’ll get as a Kahootz Enterprise customer by comparing editions. Below are just some of the benefits of upgrading.

Kahootz TipAs an Enterprise Edition customer, we make it our mission to deliver the exact service you need, in the way you need it. If you have special requirements, talk to us today — we’d be very happy to help

Benefits of upgrading to Kahootz Enterprise Edition

TickYour own account manager

You’ll be assigned your own account manager who will work closely with you to implement Kahootz within your organisation. They’ll be your first point of contact for all queries, and you’ll enjoy a telephone helpdesk too.

TickDeep system access

We can give your IT department deep system access to Kahootz, enabling your technicians to integrate it fully with your current CRM, EDRMS and other business systems. They’ll also be able to customise your user database, create new password policies or even develop new group templates.

TickHighly-customised branding

We can apply your corporate stylesheets to your Kahootz workspace, ensuring it is seamlessly integrated into your company’s family of online services.

TickBespoke service levels

Whether you need enhanced data security, more frequent back ups, consolidated billing or more, talk to us. We are happy to negotiate favourable terms to provide the exact service you need.

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