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Workspace administration made easy

Kahootz makes life simple for you as the site owner. Every system and user setting is under your complete control, allowing you to create the right collaborative environments every time.

Delegation is also straightforward, and you can appoint additional workspace managers who can then give team members different levels of access to files and content. That means you can create the right balance between delegation, empowerment and control for every team in your workspace

You can also access data about who has accessed which files at what time, so you know that all team members are taking part when they need to — and can target help or encouragement at any who need it.

And although Kahootz is highly cost effective, it’s easy to keep tabs on costs — you can use the licence fee calculator to find out how much you’re spending, and how little it will cost to expand your use further.

These are the powerful administration tools available to you once you’re in Kahootz.

Kahootz TipGetting in Kahootz is about creating the perfect conditions and context for any kind of online collaboration — and its system admin tools make it easy for you to manage them.

Kahootz — simple, user-friendly administration

TickComplete member control

View lists of members and invite only those you want to join. Create and manage teams within the same workspace and grant relevant permissions to each individual. Customise your invitation, subscribe and welcome messages to fit the ethos of each project or workspace.

TickSpread the load of admin

Appoint workspace managers to help keep your workspace and teams running smoothly. Give them permissions to manage users and teams — and remove them at any time.

TickCreate the right context

Change the name of your workspace and its description, and edit the text that greets users when they log in. Select widgets to appear on each team’s dashboard. Knowledgebase linkChoose the tools that are relevant for each team — or even member. Create the right context for collaboration and innovation.

TickUser and team insight

Create and manage reports on user and workspace activity, view summary information about the workspace and access a full audit log what shows who has accessed which files — and when.

TickThe Kahootz Knowledgebase

With the help of the Kahootz Knowledgebase, site owners no longer need to be the first port of call for everything. How-to guides and descriptions of functionality and best practice allow members to take on a do-it-yourself attitude and answer their own questions.

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