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Collaboration in the Cloud


Now everyone can be in Kahootz

Affordable, scalable, adaptable — the future of collaboration is in the Cloud, with Kahootz bringing you measurable benefits along the way.

From the moment you start using Kahootz, you open up a world of cloud collaboration with the power to boost productivity, cut overheads, and bring people together from almost any place in the world at any time.

And because Kahootz is accessible to anyone with a web browser and an internet connection, you don’t need expensive hardware — making your potential return on investment so much higher.

Kahootz takes the best features of traditional hosted software, including exceptional security, and combines them with the benefits of cloud computing. The result gives you instant collaboration — your way.

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Kahootz not only offers low risk and high returns, you can try it at no cost. 

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Kahootz — online collaboration the accessible way

Cost saving

Because you don’t need to invest in expensive hardware or software purchase and maintenance, Kahootz cloud collaboration offers immediate cost savings over on-premise installation alternatives.


Cloud collaboration allows colleagues, team members, stakeholders and others to collaborate from any browser-equipped device, anywhere in the world. You’re not just bringing offices together — you have the power to bring any person to your collaborative workspace.


You can set up a Kahootz workspace in a few clicks, meaning you can instantly collaborate on any project — no matter how large or small. And if your organisation has lots of people in Kahootz, it’s easy to bring all their groups together.


Kahootz is hosted on dedicated servers in a highly secure data centre, giving you exceptional up-time and reliability. And because software updates are rolled out automatically, your software is always up-to-date with no additional cost to you.

Low risk – high return

Kahootz is incredibly cost-effective — you could be paying less than 60p per user per week. It’s a low risk cost that can generate high returns from truly global collaboration.


The days of Cloud computing meaning compromising on security are long gone — Kahootz uses SSL technology to protect every last item of data while it is in transit, and our dedicated servers are housed in secure data centres.

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