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Accessible Collaboration Software

Remove all barriers to online collaboration by choosing  collaboration software that’s guaranteed to be accessible to all your users.

Because Kahootz is fully accessible to all users, including those with special needs or disabilities, you won’t fall foul of anti-discrimination legislation — and you can rest assured that your choice of collaboration software won’t become a liability.

Kahootz is the perfect choice because it is built specifically to cater for all users — and it has a unique pedigree of use by Government and local authority organisations who insist on adhering to exceptional standards of accessibility in all their software.

Every release of Kahootz is thoroughly tested to make sure it is compatible with all modern web browsers, smartphones and tablets, as well as with text-only browsers and screen readers.

And because Kahootz doesn’t use plugins, you don’t need to worry about third party add-ons causing problems with your accessible collaboration software.

The result is a collaboration platform that meets the highest build standards and is truly accessible to all your colleagues, teams and stakeholders.

Kahootz TipMany Kahootz clients are from sectors that insist on high accessibility standards — including Government and local authorities. All future updates will be tested rigorously for accessibility issues before release.

Kahootz — online collaboration the accessible way

TickStringent accessibility standards

Kahootz meets and usually exceeds stringent international accessibility standards, including BS8878, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) Level AA, ISO/IEC 40500 and Section 508 in the US.

TickRigorous accessibility testing

Every new release of Kahootz is tested in all common web browsers, on smartphones and tablets, and in popular text-only browsers and screen readers. No plugins mean no accessibility problems from third-party add-ons.

TickDDA compliant

Kahootz is truly accessible collaboration software that meets your responsibilities under accessibility legislation like the Disability Discrimination Act.

TickAccessible emails

Even Kahootz email alerts are fully accessible in all common email clients. To be in Kahootz means no specialist software downloads are required.

TickAccess on mobiles and tablets

You can also access your Kahootz workspace on your mobile. For more information see the Kahootz Knowledgebase.

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