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Stakeholder Management


Powerful collaboration and user role management

The moment a group member joins Kahootz, they can build their online profile — and you can control exactly which items they can view or change.

When your member first logs in, they can build a profile page by adding a photo, information about their organisation and location, contact details, plus links to networking and social media sites — and it’s easy for them to keep their profile up to date, so you don’t have to.

If you need to add bespoke fields that apply to all user profiles, that’s no problem either — just ask us about stakeholder database customisation. We provide customisation services to create the fields you need.

Kahootz profiles are great for building a sense of community, and they make large online workspaces manageable — all users can learn about any member by viewing their public profile.

The perfect stakeholder engagement plan

As a workspace manager, you can control who can access, create or modify workspace items by assigning members to one or more teams. A full audit log gives you details of every user’s activity — showing you exactly who has created, changed or deleted content, and when.

Kahootz TipCreate a small team of trusted workspace members and assign them the additional permissions they need to help you administer your workspace.

Stakeholder management made simple

TickPublic user profiles

Every user has a public profile, allowing others to learn about them in a single click — great for building a sense of community in small teams, and making large workspaces more manageable.

TickSimple access control

Add members into teams and you can control exactly what items they can see, modify or delete — perfect for making sure the right people have access to the right content.

TickA full audit log

As workspace manager, you have a full log of every user’s activity — so you can see who has created, modified or removed content, and when.

TickBespoke functionality

If you need specific fields in your user profiles, we can help you create them using stakeholder database customisation. Ask us about this service.

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