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Project Report Software


Project data analysis at the click of a mouse

Kahootz not only makes gathering data simple, it ensures it is easy to interrogate and understand — thanks to built-in project data analysis and reporting.

Whether you need to collate qualitative data, create graphs and charts from quantitative results or get an insight into user activity, Kahootz helps you do it effectively and hassle-free.

It also does away with the need for separate project report software, allowing you to measure user feedback and activity in the way that works best for you.

Kahootz TipYou can gather and analyse data from all activity in Kahootz — so look for opportunities to gather useful information. For example, you can drag and drop survey questionnaires into structured documents.

Agile project data analysis

TickCreate reports quickly

Create charts and graphs from data or organise qualitative feedback using formatted tabular reports. Once you’ve created the functionality and layout you need using the report wizard, you can save the template for repeated use in the future.

TickExport data in preferred formats

Export reports in common formats, including PDF, CSV, XML and Microsoft Excel — allowing you to save each report in the most appropriate formats for your purposes.

TickInstant results summaries

Get an instant view of responses using quick polls or quickly review summary response graphs and response lists from workspace questionnaires.

TickAnalyse group activity

Kahootz logs all user activity, allowing you to see exactly who has added, modified or deleted files — or left feedback. You can gather usage statistics to monitor and analyse all activity when you are in Kahootz.

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