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Group collaboration made easy

In just a few clicks, you can create a Kahootz workspace that allows people in any location to collaborate online.

Quickly make online knowledge-sharing workspaces for groups, teams, organisations, departments, external stakeholders or others, as and when you need them.

Then it’s up to you to collaborate your way. Control workspace layouts and add only the folders and collaborative items you want, from calendars and task lists to structured documents — saving you the hassle of collating feedback from unmanageable Word files and emails.

You can also assign individual members to separate teams, making it easy to control who can access or create workspace items.

With Kahootz collaboration it takes only moments to bring the right people together to achieve results. These are some of the ways you can do it.

Kahootz TipKahootz workspaces are really user friendly, but keep it simple! Start with items you know are essential to your workspace — you can always add more later.

Online knowledge sharing in an instant

TickCreate new workspaces in seconds

See the Kahootz Knowledgebase for how to create a new workspace. Then quickly deploy online team working environments for different business needs by choosing ready-configured workspace templates.

TickTailor workspace functionality

Add only the folders and online collaboration items you need — from questionnaires, forums and calendars to structured documents, task lists, blogs and custom databases.

TickChange your dashboard and pages

Put your information and items exactly where you want them — drag widgets to change your dashboard to integrate external data feeds and information resources. Add social media content and RSS feeds as needed. See the Kahootz Knowledgebase for more information on dashboard items.

TickChange member permissions

Assign workspace members to teams and control their permissions to access and modify individual items. Appoint chosen members as workspace managers to spread the work needed to manage your workspace.

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