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Online Team Management


Team working software for contented,
creative collaboration

Team collaboration becomes immediate, creative and easy to manage thanks to the team working software that’s at the heart of Kahootz.

Whether you want team members to collaborate on a single document, give feedback on material you’ve created inside or outside Kahootz, or share information using team blogs or wiki-like web pages, you have the functionality you need.

And because team members can work and comment on the same file versions within your secure online workspace, there’s no need to manually collate information from multiple sources — as soon as it is added to Kahootz, it can be shared instantly with everyone, saving time, misunderstanding and stress.

Kahootz creates the conditions for your team to work both contentedly and creatively — read on to learn how.

Kahootz Tip When your team has finished collaborating on a structured document, you can simply export a finalised Word document ready for design, print or an external audience…

Online file collaboration to change the way you work

TickCollaborative documents

The days of collating feedback are over. Kahootz’s structured documents allow all workspace members to build fully collaborative documents. Each member’s changes are recorded on the master document, while previous versions are fully archived for reference. You can also import Microsoft Word files in an instant, making collaboration on content you create offline simple.

TickShare feedback

Members can add comments below any item of workspace content, allowing you to gather feedback on files uploaded to or created in your secure workspace. When feedback is added, members can be sent an email notification to keep them in the loop.

TickWorkspace blogs

You can create a workspace blog in seconds, giving members of different teams permissions to post or modify articles. You can also simplify article retrieval by assigning posts to pre-defined categories.

TickWiki-like web pages

Create or collaborate on web pages to share information, diagrams or even embedded content from other sites — then link them together easily to create wiki-like navigation.

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