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Online Task & Project Management


The smart way to keep track of project tasks,
deadlines and deliverables

Kahootz is project task management software that you can shape precisely to the demands and requirements of each individual project you oversee.

You don’t have to worry about redundant functions you don’t need — you simply create a secure, online collaboration environment using only the tools required to keep track of your tasks, deadlines, deliverables and milestones.

And because you can create overlapping teams of project personnel, it’s easy to ensure that each member accesses only the information that’s relevant to their role.

These are some of the powerful ways you can make that happen.

Kahootz TipYou can add task lists to your workspace dashboard and members’ dashboards – ensuring everyone can see progress and outstanding work each time they log in to Kahootz.

Understandable, transparent task and project management

TickAdd flexible task lists

Assign tasks to individuals or groups of people and they’ll immediately get a notification email. All tasks can be added automatically to personal and workspace dashboards, making it easy to see at a glance what needs to be done, by whom and when. See the Kahootz Knowledgebase for more information on task lists.

TickSimplify task management

Keep on top of project tasks by setting priorities, repeat intervals and deadlines. Add files, associated discussions and related links to provide context for any task and schedule auto reminders to keep projects on track.

TickShare group calendars

Use shared calendars to display and connect tasks, meetings, events and regular project reviews. Add supporting resources by attaching agendas and files, or schedule auto-reminders or request attendance confirmations. Import and export internet subscriptions, allowing users to integrate Google and Outlook calendars.

TickCreate custom databases

Reach for the simple-to-use database builder instead of keeping vital information locked in spreadsheets. Create risk and issue registers, FAQs, inventory and contact lists or any other searchable resource. Add and maintain data using simple customised forms and analyse it by creating instant management reports. See the Kahootz Knowledgebase for some tips on how to get started with databases.

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