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Kahootz is available in three editions — Trial, Professional and Enterprise.

Our Trial edition is just that. It’s your chance to get to grips with Kahootz free of charge and put its powerful features to work for the first time. You can use it for 30 days with unlimited users so you can really test it out.

When you graduate to our Professional edition, you can order customised templates and profiles, as well as opt for a whole range of updates and extra services — including application of your web branding and custom URLs.

Our Enterprise edition is designed for organisations with 500 users or more. It gives you maximum flexibility and access to a whole range of customisation features. Deep level access allows you to integrate Kahootz fully into your existing systems, giving them additional power.

Finally, should you be one of the 29,000 UK public sector organisations eligible to buy from the G-Cloud procurement framework then you might also want to check out our Free G-Cloud Starter App – ideal for small projects or document review teams!

If you’re unsure which edition is right for you, contact us for advice


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