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Business File Sharing


Transform file confusion into file collaboration

When you share files in Kahootz, you never again need to worry about security, expense or duplication of effort.

It only takes moments to create a group of Kahootzers, allowing you to enjoy online file collaboration well away from prying eyes — thanks to secure workspaces that use secure data transmission.

Kahootz’s file sharing software is generations ahead of email. You don’t have to contend with security issues, overzealous firewalls or spend hours collating feedback from multiple documents.

Instead, all your files are shared in a single, secure online repository and your group members can add to (or comment on) the same document — while every amendment is archived for reference.

Best of all, Kahootz file sharing software handles all the common file types you use in your working environment, so compatibility never becomes an issue. It’s just one of the many ways we help you transform file confusion into file collaboration.

Kahootz TipKahootz emails workspace members to let them know when others leave feedback, add items or modify files. Busy members can switch to digest emails — they provide a daily summary of all activity that won’t clutter up their in boxes.

Online file collaboration to change the way you work

TickSecure file management

Every file you upload and every keystroke you make is protected by secure technology, and our security is tested rigorously — and regularly. You also have complete control over who can view and modify content.

TickComplete version control

You can lock documents and control who can upload new versions. Any new versions that are uploaded are automatically version controlled — and you can access a full document version history at any time.

TickCreate and share folders

You can create exactly the folders and sub-folders you need — each with their own access control and helpful guidance notes. Should you need to reorganise content, moving items from one folder to another is quick and simple.

TickUpload and edit images

Upload, share and comment on photos, images, portfolios and designs by using specialised picture albums — a simple, built-in picture editor gives you the power to resize, crop and rotate images on the spot.

TickIndexed, searchable content

All workspace content is fully indexed, allowing you to search using any relevant keyword. A ‘What’s New’ function, email digest and workspace dashboard widget can all be used to keep members fully up to date with new and modified content.

TickIntelligent email notifications

You can set notification emails to be sent immediately or as a daily digest — with each email intelligently including a link and description of named files, along with any optional instructions and actions.

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