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Kahootz Service Updates – November 2015


We’re really proud to introduce the November 2015 (V8.0) updates to Kahootz.

There are a huge number of new features, updates to existing functions and interface improvements that will make it even easier for users to collaborate effectively.

The highlights are:

  • An updated page layout with a more modern design that makes more efficient use of screen space
  • An overhaul of team messaging and how personal notifications work to ensure that people are informed about the changes that are important to them and content authors can involve the people they need to collaborate effectively
  • A new document review and approval process
  • Option for improved login security with 2-factor authentication
  • A new week view on the calendar that’s ideal for resource booking
  • The ability to easily move items between workspaces

We hope you enjoy the new release.

The Kahootz team.

General Interface Changes


To improve the user experience on PCs and mobile devices, we’ve updated the overall page layout of Kahootz to use a more modern design that makes efficient use of screen space.

The top menu bar now ‘sticks’ to the top of the page when you scroll, so that the main navigation links are always accessible.  On the top menu bar, there’s a new ‘Account’ menu that gives you quick access to your profile, security and notification settings and a new ‘Help’ menu that includes links to some of the main Knowledgebase articles and a box to search the Knowledgebase.

We’ve removed the horizontal menu of Workspace links and replaced it with a single icon and a drop-down menu.

There is a new show/hide arrow on the left menu, so you can hide the left menu when you need more space for the page content.

User Interface

As part of an overall interface refresh, we’ve restyled the navigation links, forms, sort icons, popup windows, notification emails and much more.

We’ve improved form input so that data validation is done as you type, and validation messages are shown on the page rather than as a subsequent popup alert.

Keyboard Access

The Kahootz functions on the redesigned top menu bar are now keyboard accessible by typing the following keys:

w Show the ‘My Workspaces’ menu
d Go to ‘My Dashboard’
n Show the ‘Notifications’ menu
s Show the ‘Search’ menu
t Go to your ‘Tasks’ page
a Show the ‘Account’ menu
h Show the ‘Help’ menu
m Toggle the left-hand menu.


When you open any menu, you can use the cursor keys to move between options, the ‘Enter’ key to activate an option, and the ‘Esc’ key to close the menu.

So that you don’t need to remember them, the access keys are displayed on the tooltip that’s shown when you hover over each menu item.

New Features


We’ve completely changed how notifications work so that workspace members now have much more control over the content changes that they are notified about within each workspace.

Instead of just having the choice to notify either everyone (with view permissions) or no-one about an update, content authors can now choose to notify specific users, or specific teams or all members.  This provides far more granularity for notifications allowing you to target communications and involve exactly who you require.

In addition, workspace members can now subscribe to specific content, to ensure that they are notified about changes to the specific content that interests them.  When viewing any workspace item, you will find a ‘Subscribe’ icon in the page breadcrumb to let you subscribe or unsubscribe from update notifications.  To help you keep up-to-date about content, you are automatically subscribed to an item when you create it, modify it or comment on it, but you can always unsubscribe if you wish.  To help you manage the notifications you receive, on the ‘Account’ menu, you will find a link to the new ‘Subscriptions’ page where you can see a list of all the content you are subscribed to.

When you subscribe to an item, you’ll be notified about changes to it, and comments on it.  If you subscribe to a folder, you’ll be notified about new items that are created in that folder or any of its sub-folders.

To see your list of notifications, there’s a new ‘Notifications’ menu at the top of each page that shows your unread notifications.

We’ve separated notifications from the email alerts about them.  This means that, if you prefer, you can now be notified about updates purely via the Kahootz application without receiving an email alert about each and every notification.  It’s great for users who use Kahootz every day and want to see notifications, but don’t want too many emails. On the ‘Account’ menu, there is a link to the new ‘Email Preferences’ page, where you can control which types of notifications you want an immediate email alert about.

Finally, you can opt to receive a daily or weekly summary email that highlights all the changes within your workspaces, independently of any other notifications.  Each day or week, you’ll receive a single email that contains information about the activity in your workspaces.

Document Review and Approval

Kahootz now includes a review and approval process for documents.  When you view an existing document or upload a new one, you can choose some workspace members to review or approve the document.  Requests for review or approval are added as tasks against any users that you select and they will be notified accordingly.

There’s a new ‘Reviews’ section on the ‘View Document’ page, so you can see the current status of a document and a list of previous actions.

We’ve also added a new ‘My document reviews’ dashboard item, to tell you about any document reviews and approvals you have outstanding.

To help you control storage, old document versions created by the auto-save function when using Edit in Office are automatically purged after one month, but you can lock versions to keep them forever.  To make things simple, document versions that you create using the website, and the last version that’s created using Edit in Office are automatically locked to prevent them from being purged.  Intermediate versions that are created whilst you use Edit in Office are not locked.  You can see which versions and locked, and lock or unlock versions using the ‘Versions’ panel on the ‘View Document’ page.


To increase security, site owners can now request 2-factor authentication, which adds an additional step in user authentication.  Each time a user logs in with their email address and password, they must also enter a numeric code that we send to a pre-registered telephone number.  Because people work from a variety of locations, each user can add a selection of telephone numbers, such as their office, home and mobile.  2-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security because each log-in is enforced by ‘something a user knows’ (their password) and ‘something a user has’ (their telephone).

2-factor authentication is an additional-cost option.  Please contact your account manager for more details.

Users are now prevented from using the top 25 most commonly used passwords, such as ‘password’, ‘qwerty’ and ‘12345’.

We now send a confirmation email to users when they change their security credentials, such as their email address and password.

Private Messages

Sometimes when using Kahootz it is useful to contact a team member and send them a Private Massage. Previously these were sent as direct emails, but not stored by the application.

To enable all project and stakeholder communications to be accessible in one place, we now store those messages within Kahootz:

  • Under the ‘Account’ menu there is a ‘Private Messages’ option for personal messages
  • Under ‘Workspace Settings’ menu there is a ‘Private Messages’ option for workspace manager messages
  • Under the ‘Site Admin’ menu there is a ‘Private Messages’ option for site owner messages

Changes to Existing Functionality


We’ve updated the Week View of the calendar to use a grid display, so it’s easy to see overlapping events.  This makes the Week View ideal for resource booking or resource allocation.

The popup when you click on an event has been restyled and now includes delete buttons.

The option for who to remind about events now includes ‘invitees’, to ensure that event reminders only go to relevant people.


There’s a new database column type of ‘User’, which lets you choose one or more workspace members for the value of an entry.  The users you select are automatically notified when an entry that mentions them is added or modified.

We’ve improved the data input validation options on entries to include:

  • Mandatory values
  • The minimum and maximum value for numeric fields
  • An input mask for text fields

We’ve also added the following formatting options:

  • The number of decimal places, currency symbol, percentage and units for numeric values
  • Whether to display pick-one and pick-many values as a horizontal or vertical list. For pick-many values, there’s also a new option called ‘smart list’ which allows you to select values from long option lists more efficiently

Discussions and Comments

Familiar to users of social media, in discussions and comments, you can now mention specific members within the message, to ensure that they are notified.  To do this, just type the ‘@’ character within the message to see a popup list of workspace members and workspace teams.  Any users you mention are automatically notified.

The layout of discussions and comments have been improved.  Messages in a topic are now shown with the most recent reply first.


When viewing a folder, each user can now choose between ‘List’ and ‘Grid’ view, and choose their own sort order.  Previously, the workspace chose which view everyone should use.  This gives users a more consistent view whilst navigating around a workspace.

The folder owner can still control some the other display options for each folder (such as the default sort order, and which fields to display), and these have been moved to the ‘Modify Properties & Permissions’ page so that they can be updated by anyone who can modify the folder, rather than just workspace managers.


There is a new navigation bar to help you to navigate between the questionnaire results pages.

Structured Documents

You can now set the ‘menu depth’ for a structured document to ‘0’, which causes the entire document to be displayed as a single page.  This is extremely helpful for short documents.

Other Changes


There are new dashboard items for:

  • Workspace Activity
  • Displaying and streaming an MP4 video
  • My Document Reviews


The ‘What’s New’ page now shows a stream of activity about who has done what, rather than a list of items ordered by modification date.  It now offers you a choice between ‘Date Order’ and ‘Grouped’.

  • The ‘Date Order’ view is a list of all user activity in date order.
  • The ‘Grouped’ view organises the activity stream so that actions on each item are grouped together.

We’ve added a function to let you easily move items between workspaces.

There’s a new ‘Properties and Permissions’ page in the actions menu that shows you a summary of the information about each item.

Kahootz Enterprise clients that have configured additional user profile attributes can now include extra user profile information on the member list.

Workspace Management

The workspace settings are now accessed using an icon, instead of the words ‘Workspace Settings’, to save on screen space.

To make more efficient use of screen space, we’ve removed the tabs from the workspace manager pages.  All the options are still available using the left-hand menu.

Kahootz Enterprise clients that have configured additional user profile attributes, can now include extra user profile information on the ‘Manage Members’ list.

You can now run quick reports from the ‘Manage Members’ page.


You can now make a report ‘Sticky’ to keep it at the top of the list of reports.  This helps to provide quick access to commonly used reports.

We’ve made some additional fields available in the report writer:

  • A user’s ‘social contacts’ in text-only format
  • A user’s ‘registration date’ as ‘year’, ‘year and month’ and ‘year, month and day’
  • A user’s ‘workspace teams’

There is now a new chart type to display numeric information as a scatter chart.

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