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CCGs in 2015: How cloud collaboration can meet your 5 biggest challenges

CCGs in 2015: How cloud collaboration can meet your 5 biggest challenges

This guide examines the challenging environment faced by CGGs today and reveals why collaboration in the cloud is emerging as a vital tool for success.

Find out how cloud tools can enable agile collaboration, deliver significant cost savings, meet high-level security demands, support efficient procurement exercises – and much more.

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How Kahootz meets the 14 Cloud Security Principles

How Kahootz meets the 14 Cloud Security Principles

Keeping sensitive data secure in the cloud is a growing priority for organisations of all kinds. This guide explains how Kahootz’s cloud collaboration software meets the 14 Cloud Security Principles defined by the UK government.

This is an essential resource for anyone seeking to assess the security credentials of a cloud collaboration tool.

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A more collaborative approach to public procurement- Using the cloud to increase efficiency & reduce costs

A more collaborative approach to public procurement

Delivering better procurement for less has never been more achievable. This guide is packed with case studies from public sector organisations that have used cloud collaboration to transform procurement, innovate and deliver more for less.

Learn from them today, and download our free guide.

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Creating a Digital Strategy for Local Government - Download Free Guide

Creating a Digital Strategy for Local Government

Discover how local government organisations can create effective digital strategies with this free guide.  You will find out how ‘digital first’ can be instilled across an organisation, in addition to new ideas to help shape a digital strategy. 

This guide is essential for those looking to achieve more for less with digital.

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Stakeholder Engagement - Effective Digital Tools - Free Guide

Transforming Stakeholder Engagement – Effective Digital Channels

Read this guide to help you get your Stakeholder Engagement Project started.  You will learn how organisations classify their stakeholders  and how to choose the most effective digital tools to inform, consult, collaborate and keep stakeholders engaged. 

Packed with practical examples, this guide is essential reading for anybody involved in managing stakeholders.

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Beyond Business File Sharing - Download Free Guide

Business File Sharing – 8 Features that take you Further

Business file sharing has changed — and smart businesses are demanding more from their software. So before you choose any file sharing package, find out what it’s really capable of delivering.

Just 10 minutes with this guide will give you the insight you need to judge it.

So don’t just shortlist potential business file sharing software. Choose file-sharing software with business potential.

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Download Online Collaboration Tool Selection GuideOnline Collaboration Tools – 10 Questions to ask a supplier

This Guide will improve your chances of of choosing the right collaboration software for your business – first time.

If you’ve been looking for the right online collaboration tool for your business you would have come across dozens of solutions, all with their strengths & weaknesses. To help you, we’ve put our over 10 years experience to good use and have drawn up 10 key questions to ask short-listed suppliers.

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Download Guide to Comparing Project Extranet Tools 10 Killer Features to Look for in a Project Extranet

This 10-point checklist will help you create a short-list of Project Extranet solutions for your business.

Whether you work in the Construction, the Public Sector, Manufacturing, Marketing or as a Lawyer or an Accountant, a project extranet is an essential business tool that delivers major costs savings and a level of productivity that can’t be achieved in any other way.

But with a wealth of tools out there, how can you chose the one that’s right for you?

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Doing more with less – 8 key issues faced by public sector managers – and how to solve them

8 key issues faced by public sector managers – and how to solve them: 8 key issues faced by public sector managers – and how to solve them. If you work in the public sector and are looking of ways to make shrinking budgets stretch further, this ebook is for you.

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How to collaborate online; a public sector guide

Free public sector guide: The public sector today is under huge pressure to make tight budgets stretch further. Read this guide to learn how online collaboration achieves ‘more for less’ – and helps you evaluate and source the right solution for your organisation.

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Guide - Choosing the right collaboaration solution for public sectorChoosing the right collaboration tool for your Public Sector Organisation

Essential Checklist: This guide is essential reading if you’d like to:

  • Understand the seven key issues facing public sector organisations wanting to invest in a cloud collaboration tool
  • Source software at favourable terms from a Government-approved source
  • Get help and advice on choosing online collaboration software

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Guide to growing your marketing agencyHow to grow your marketing agency – delight clients, boost profits in tough times

This guide will help you seize understand client’s demands on agencies and avenues to:

• Maximise Client Revenues
• Improve Client Retention
• Grow Your Agency
• Create an Agile Working Environment
• Improve Your Internal Processes

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How to turbocharge your agency's performanceHow to turbocharge your marketing agency’s performance… with online collaboration

This guide is essential reading if you’d like to:

• Improve your communications with clients
• Improve client retention
• Devote more time to creativity and less to admin
• Widen your pool of creative talent
• Increase productivity and margins
• Win new clients and service more accounts; and
• Deliver better campaigns

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Choosing the right online collaboration tool – Essential checklist for Marketing Agencies

This guide is essential reading if you’d like to:

  • Implement an online collaboration solution
  • Evaluate different online collaboration tools
  • Ensure you chose the right solution for your business; one that is cost effective, ticks all the boxes in terms of requirements and is easily adopted by your colleagues and clients.

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