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Free G-Cloud Starter App


Looking for a quick way to securely share files and work with colleagues?

Then why not use our G-Cloud Starter App – it’s Free!
• Start sharing and collaborating within minutes
• Ideal for small projects or document review teams
• No budget or procurement required!
• Independently security certified
• Easy to upgrade via the G-Cloud

Who is eligible for the Free G-Cloud Starter App?
As part of our G-Cloud contract with the UK Government, if you work for one of the 29,000 public sector organisations on the following customer list then you and all your colleagues are eligible to use this G-Cloud Starter license for free. Use it as often as you wish and feel free to broadcast its availability.

Download Official G-Cloud Customer List Now »

What does the Free G-Cloud Starter App include?

Unrestricted access to all features — learn Kahootz the hands-on way
Access to sample workspace templates — to get started fast
Full customer support — throw any questions you like at us!
Simple site customisation — start adapting it your way
5 users, 250 Mb storage, 1 workspace for 1 year

Get started today and if you like it and want to ‘get into Kahootz’ with more people or need more storage we can simply upgrade your account.

What next?
Simply fill in and submit the form on this page and keep an eye on your email inbox. You will receive an email from Kahootz, which asks you to verify your email address by clicking on a link. Once you have done that, you will then have access to Kahootz and can invite your team members.

We hope you enjoy being in Kahootz!
Your Kahootz Team

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